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Aging In Place
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Aging In Place Overview

As people grow older, everyday tasks and activities can become more and more
difficult.  Things around the house that used to be easy start to become frustrating,
or even dangerous.  When it becomes too difficult or dangerous to continue to live
in their current houses, most people realize it's time to make some changes.

People often assume that the only option is to move into a new home or apartment
that is designed for assisted living.  Such a move can be hard for many reasons,
and most people would prefer to remain at home.

Now, thanks to improvements in adaptive design, technology, and know-how, you
have a better option.  Changes must be made, but that does not have to mean
moving..  Instead, upgrades can be made to your current home to make it safe,
accessible, and comfortable to live in for years to come.
In-home consultations
Planning and Design
Project management including managing sub-contractors and vendors
Building and installing modifications and upgrades
Ongoing maintenance and additional consultations as required
In addition, every Aging In Place project also follows the same established and
project process we have used for many years.
Here are some examples of home modifications that can help you Age In Place:
Mobility / Accessibility
Grab bars and handrails
Ramps and Lifts
Extra / brighter lighting
'Call for Help' systems
Removal of raised
Large, easy to grasp
handles and drawer pulls
Smooth and slip-resistant
floor, and stair surfaces
Move bedroom / bathroom
/ laundry to first floor
Easy to reach cabinets,
closets, and drawers
Elimination of sharp edges
and corners
Design for easy walker /
wheelchair access
Shallow sink with spray
Anti-scald devices
Walk-in Tubs / Showers
Knee space under
counters, sinks, and stove
Smoke and CO detectors
Motion-sensing lights
Rocker switches
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Comprehensive Aging In Place Services

Everyone's needs, requirements, and tastes are different, and every home has
different features and challenges.  Home modifications can be as simple as making
a few small updates or can include more comprehensive redesigns and upgrades.

Emery Building Company provides complete Aging In Place services including:
Planning to Age In Place

The best time to plan for and work on upgrading your home to enable you to Age In
Place is BEFORE you need to.  It's never too early to start planning, designing, and
upgrading.  You can
get in touch with us today to get more information or schedule
a consultation.