References and Customer Comments

As you work through the process of selecting a contractor for any job, one of the
most important things you can do is check references.

All companies will tell you they do great work.  You need to speak to the people
they did the work for to get an independent assessment not only of the quality of
the finished product, but also the overall experience of working with that company.

Emery Building Company has a long list of satisfied customers, and we will be
happy to provide you with references.
Customer Comments

Here is a sampling of comments we have received from people we have worked
with in the past.  (Reprinted with permission).

From a customer who needed some repairs to her condo:
I live in a 3-family condo in Cambridge, MA.  Our house was originally built circa
1850.  We needed a new area of sill repaired, a new lally column in our basement
as support for the upper floors, and some miscellaneous work such as gutter
enhancements, etc.
We got many quotes and Emery Building Company came in the lowest.  Emery
Building Company was also highly recommended by friends, so we asked Chip
Emery to come by and look at the job.  Chip was always on time, and professional
in a very friendly way.  He gave us great advice and options on what he could do
regarding our job.
The Emery Building Company crew gave us a date for the sill work, etc., and came
on time and finished on time (maybe a little early)!  The quote he gave us was the
price we paid.  There were no extra charges.  The job was performed with
first-class quality and done professionally and completely.
I would hire Emery Building Company again.  In fact, we have many more jobs at
our condo association that we would like to schedule with Emery Building
Company due to their promptness and professionalism, and their very competitive
pricing.  Chip is a great guy and very easy to work with.

Best regarks,
Allyson Hartzell
Cambridge resident and fan of Emery Building Company

From a customer who needed a whole new kitchen:
Dear Chip,

Thank you again for the wonderful work.  You and  your guys did an excellent and
professional job!  We can't wait to start cooking in our new kitchen.

Thank you,
Mike and Daniela Scymczak
Fully licensed and insured.  MA Reg. Number: 128115
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